Mont Tremblant National Park: What to Do in Summer?

Mont Tremblant National Park: What to Do in Summer?

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Welcome to Mont Tremblant National Park, a wilderness area of ​​1,510 square km, located in the in the Laurentides and Lanaudière regions. It is the largest and oldest park in Quebec, an earthly paradise sheltering nearly 400 lakes, 6 large rivers (with waterfalls), and many trees…Not to mention the forty species of mammals and the iconic bird species such as the loons and the great merganser that you can see in the park.

The park is the image of the region with picturesque landscapes of small mountains with rounded summits, dense forests of hardwoods and conifers, and a multitude of lakes of all sizes.

If you have the chance to spend some time in the area, the park is a must. To help you organize your time, here are the main activities and points of interest of Mont Tremblant National Park. But first, let’s locate the park and explain why you should visit the park in the summer.


Several points of entry allow access to the park which is discovered through three large sectors with distinct attractions and characteristics:

  • the valleys of the Devil’s River (Rivière La Diable),
  • the Pimbina Creek, and
  • the Assomption River.

In this article, I will focus on the area of the valleys of the Devil’s River, the most easily accessible from Montreal. Just take Highway 15 North which becomes Route 117. Follow the sign to Chemin du Lac Supérieur through Rue Saint Faustin and Rue Princpale. Finally, follow signs for Mont Tremblant National Park, La Diable area.

The entrance to the park is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from Montreal and is about 30 minutes from the Mont Tremblant resort.

Why visiting Mont Tremblant National Park?

This huge park offers a range of incredible activities for outdoor lovers.

  • The largest and oldest – Mont Tremblant National Park is the largest and oldest park in the Sepaq, the largest outdoor network in Quebec. You will enjoy six large rivers and 400 lakes and streams; it’s a paradise for canoe enthusiasts.
  • An incredible fauna – The park is so vast that 45 species of mammals can be found, such as wolves, moose, deer or beavers. To learn more about the inhabitants of the forest and lakes, take part in one of the many activities discovered by the park.
  • Open all year – Open year-round, the park offers activities and accommodation adapted to each season. You can enjoy the coolness of the trees in summer, the beautiful colors in autumn and enjoy the joys of winter.
  • Choose your comfort – Whether you are looking for a comfortable cottage for a stay with friends or a campsite in the heart of nature (even in winter!), You will find the accommodation that suits you in the Mont Tremblant National Park.
  • Discounts and free for children under 17 – Good news! Admission for children 17 and under is free in national parks, bicycles and various equipment are also provided free of charge. The Sepaq offers an unforgettable experience to families through free and very varied discovery activities.
  • Activities for the whole family – Do you want to get high, swim or go hiking? A wide variety of activities are available to please the whole family. For example, Mont Tremblant National Park is one of four parks to offer via ferrata. Arranged on the wall of the Black Cow, the course is rich in sensation whether you are beginner or advanced.
  • Combining pleasures at a low price – To facilitate your choice among all the proposed activities, packages are available and allow you to make the most of the park. Combine, for example, an accommodation and a fishing trip or discover the canoe-camping.

Activities in Mont Tremblant National Park


You can not go to Mont Tremblant Park without going for a hike, simply because there is something for everyone: short, medium, long, easy and difficult

Here are our suggestions for hikes in the valleys of the Devil’s River:

1. Each Level

The Lac des Femmes Trail

3.1 km / loop / vertical difference 50m / easy level

Starting point: near the Lac-Monroe Visitors Centre

Trail with interpretive panels, an easy little warm-up.

The Chutes-Croches Trail

700 m / 20 min / round trip / vertical difference 25m / easy level

Starting point: 5 km north of the Discovery Center. On-site parking.

Pretty little falls in cascades, the Devil’s River begins its show. It is even more impressive at the next stop.

Devil’s Fall Trail

1.4 km / round trip / vertical difference 15 m / easy level

Starting point: 7 km north of the Discovery Center. On-site parking.

At the end of the trail, a nice reward with the refreshing spectacle of a superb 15m drop.

2. Intermedia Level

The Roche Trail

5.4 km (about 2 hours) / round trip / vertical drop 250 m / intermediate level

Departure point: Discovery Center

Magnificent panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, the valley and Lake Monroe.

The Corniche Trail

3.4 km (about 1 hour and 30 minutes) / round trip / vertical drop 150 m / intermediate level

Departure point: 1.7 km north of the Discovery Center. On-site parking.

Another lookout with panoramic views of the mountains and Lake Monroe.

The Coulée trail

The Coulée trail connects The Roche Trail with the Corniche Trail with a loop of 8.2 km.

3. Difficult level

The Centenaire Trail

14.3 km (about 4-5 hours) / loop / vertical drop 430 m / Difficult level

Departure point: Sablonnière parking lot or Vache Noire bridge at the park entrance, 7 km south of the Discovery Center

It is a very nice trail with several spectacular views. The end of the route is by Road 1 on 3.6 km.

Download Trail Maps

Swimming/Supervised Beach

Although it is possible to swim around the lake, Lake Monroe’s Crémaillère Beach.


At the Lac-Monroe Visitors Centre, you can rent boats (lifejacket included) to go on an adventure on Lake Monroe. Examples of prices, taxes not included:

  • Canoe/$44 for the day, $30.50 for 4 hours, and $15.25 for 1 hour
  • Kayak/$46 for the day, $32 for 4 hours, $16 for 1 hour

an also rent double kayaks, paddle boats and rowboats, or try a standing surf paddle activity. Check the SEPAQ website for details.

Decent of the Devil’s River (Canoe or Kayak)

It is highly recommended this descent of the beautiful Devil’s River. It’s quiet all along the 25km stretch. You can follow the curves of the river that winds through a postcard setting, sometimes bordered by sandy shores, small beaches, and sometimes winding between the impressive rock walls.

Note, even if the waters of the river are calm, there is a small speed at the start, that it is possible to avoid by making a portage on 200 m (one transports his boat by a way which makes it possible to avoid the fast).

You need to go to the Service Center where you will receive lifejacket and paddles/oars. Then you are transported by school bus (with canoes/kayaks) to the starting point (Lac Chat). All you have to do is let yourself be paddled a little on the beautiful Devil’s River (Rivière La Diable), and during the descent you will be free to stop wherever you want for a picnic, swim, read, and the bus comes to pick you up at the point of arrival. You have plenty of time to make stops, it takes a little less than three hours to make the journey without stopping (about, because it depends of course on the vigor with which you will paddle…).


If you like biking, the park offers different interesting trails. There are more trails in the Pimbina area. But if you only visit the area of Devil’s River (Rivière La Diable), our trail suggestion is the Chutes-Croches Trail.

You can rent bicycles at the Lac-Monroe Visitors Centre. The trail takes you around Monroe Lake via Chutes Croches (water falls), where the Devil’s River (Rivière La Diable) sways to offer its first show of small waterfalls cascades.

Child bike: $14.75 / 4 hours; $ 21.00/day; $7.25/hour

Adult bike: $29.50 /4 hours; $ 42.00/day; $14.75/hour

Mountain bike: $36.75/4 hours; $ 52.5/day; $18.25/hour

Check the SEPAQ website for details.

Via Ferrata

Located in Mont Tremblant park, the Via Ferrata Mont Tremblant promises to be full of surprises, whether you are beginner or experienced. With a route to 200m above sea level, you will overhang the Devil’s river by crossing beams and footbridges, and you will be struck by a spectacular view of the mountains and horizon. The activity is supervised by a professional guide. Small group of 8 people max.

From June 8 to October 27, 2019: every day; departures from 8:45 a.m

Where: at the entrance of the Devil sector, on the wall of the Black Cow.

Prerequisites: from 8 years old / Have a minimum height of 1.30 m / weight 28kg minimum and 110kg maximum

Rates: Prices vary according to age and route, Adult (18+) – $59.90; Youth (14-17) and Child (8-13) – $39.90

Check other information through their website

Course layout can be found in the SEPAQ website

Discovery Activities and Wildlife Observation

The discovery activities offered take the form of multimedia talks, fire talks, games, or guided activities (hiking, canoeing and kayaking). Most are free and some are free when rental equipment is included.

With such a vast and wild territory, Mont Tremblant Park is naturally a space populated by many species such as the wolf (emblem of the park), moose, black bear, white-tailed deer, beaver, common loon, Great Blue Heron, Big Dipper, and so many more …

To have the chance to observe these animals or to learn more about them, several discovery activities are proposed and animated by the naturalist guides of the park.


If you want to tease the fish, it is possible to fish by day on about fifty lakes of the park. Fishing for speckled trout (brook trout), pike and walleye (parent of pike-perch) is the main activity. A boat is provided on most lakes. Important: you must bring your own equipment (fishing rod, etc …)

Price: from $63.04/day (with boat).

Good to Know

The Mont Tremblant National Park is open all year. Summer and winter, you can practice a lot of activities.

Access to the park costs $ 8.75/day per adult, it’s free for children 17 and under.

Lake Monroe Service Centre

10km from Diable Registration Centre (the entrance to the Devil Sector)

There are: convenience store (grocery store), firewood, ice cream, worms for fishing, boat and bicycle rental, Nature shop, first aid service, showers and laundry.

Discovery Centre

from Diable Registration Centre (the entrance to the Devil Sector).

There are: reception and information, Nature Shop, mini food counter ready-to-eat, first aid service, registration activities, winter outdoor equipment rental, showers.

Totem Poles

Just behind the Service Center, there are 3 beautiful totems worth a picture.

It is possible to sleep in the park. Different choses are possible: camping, ready to camp in Huttopia tents, cottage rentals…

And if you go to the park, listen, open your hatches, maybe you’ll hear the call of the wolf…

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