Coffee Break Wisdom: the Worst Case

Coffee Break Wisdom: the Worst Case

February 26, 2017 0 By iCorridor Moments

I have a friend who is a very successful insurance salesman. One day when I asked her the secret of success, she told me the following story.

She took a training and the trainer asked a salesman trainee to imagine that he is standing outside a potential client’s house.

Trainer: “Can you tell me where you are now?”

Salesman: “I am standing outside the door of a house.”

Trainer: “Well, then, what is the next thing you want to do?”

Salesman: “I want to enter the house and sell the insurance products to the house owner.”

Trainer: “After you enter the house, What do you think the worst case will be?”

Salesman: “The worst case is probably the owner will drive me away.”

Trainer: “So, where will you stand after you are driven away?”

Salesman: “I will stand outside the door of the house.”

Trainer: “Well, that’s the place where you are standing now. Returning to the origin is the worst case when you try to sell your products to clients, then what are you fearing about? ”

Little philosophy: As long as there is 1% hope, you should do 100% effort. The worst case is to return to the original place, you won’t lose anything, on the contrary, you will gain a lot of work experience and life experience, everything is just from scratch again.

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