How to Manage Stress in Our Lives?

How to Manage Stress in Our Lives?

February 27, 2017 0 By iCorridor Moments

Stress is killer – it contributes to health problems, sadness, depression, relationship problems, and others. We are always under stress in our lives, so how can we manage stress?

By finding the source of this stress, and addressing it.

In my experience of mindfulness, I found that the main cause of stress is to hold on to things. We cling to the hope that these things will happen as we expected or planned, and then we become stressed trying to make that happen, or frustrated when things do not go as we wanted.

Cling to things causes our stress and frustrations.

So how can we let go?

Realizing that there is nothing that deserves to get hooked.

The things we focus, as if it were fixed elements, immutable, solid or real, are not. Rather, they are fluid, shifting, provisional or just imaginary.

There is nothing that deserves to get hooked.

Imagine that you are swimming in the water and as you struggle to keep a strong structure that you think is near. Try to grasp stresses you.

Now imagine that there is no structure. Just water. You can keep trying to grab something…or you can accept the idea that only the water that surrounds you, and relax. Simply float.

The catch – we are just a drop in the middle of the ocean.

Here’s your challenge for today:

  1. Ask yourself what stresses you today.
  2. Ask yourself what you hold.
  3. Now imagine that the thing you are trying to hang you do not exist. You’re just floating in the water.

Now ask yourself – how will you change these things?


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