5 Tips to Better Manage Your Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic

5 Tips to Better Manage Your Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic

July 22, 2020 Off By iCorridor Moments

Protecting the health and safety of your loved ones – and yours – during the pandemic can be a source of stress and anxiety. This is an understandable and completely normal reaction. Here’s what you can do to deal with the situation.

We are going through difficult times. In a very short time our lives were turned upside down. Our daily activities have been disrupted. Many of us are out of work or short of money; others work overtime or have to endure stressful working conditions. We had to postpone important events, such as weddings, graduation proms, birthdays or even vacations. Living in isolation means that we cannot be in the presence of our loved ones, and that we may fear for the health of those close to us.

There is nothing wrong with feeling worried, fearful and stressed, or having other strong emotions right now. Be kind to yourself and recognize that this time of uncertainty and the unknown can trigger a roller coaster of emotions. These feelings are normal.

If you’re feeling indecisive or apprehensive right now, The following five suggestions are for anyone who is looking to reduce stress in this time of unprecedented isolation:

1. Focus on the facts, not the approximations

Media coverage can sometimes exacerbate audience anxiety. Look for reliable and accurate sources of information.

2. Calm your fingers on the screen

Knowing that social media can convey a lot of misinformation; it is better to reduce your screen time rather than increase your blood pressure.

3. Surround yourself with peaceful people

It’s not the people themselves who are worried that will make you feel better. Anxiety breeds even more anxiety. If possible, try to minimize your contact with people who raise your anxiety levels.

4. Create a routine

If possible, try to maintain a daily routine of communicating with coworkers, friends, and family. You will feel better about yourself by doing this.

5. Focus on what is in your power

By focusing on what you can control – especially activities that promote your health, such as daily walks or healthy meals, can reduce your fear levels and feelings of helplessness.

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