Top 10 Best Value Travel Destinations in 2020

Top 10 Best Value Travel Destinations in 2020

January 10, 2020 Off By iCorridor Moments

Lonely Planet has published its list of the 10 destinations with the best value for money in 2020, all chosen for their news, the unique experiences they offer, their ability to dream and the possibilities of sustainable tourism they offer. From the East Nusa Tenggara to the island of Zanzibar, here is Lonely Planet’s selection for the coming year.

1. East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

“These islands offer pristine beaches that are quieter than those further west, and in the Alor Islands is one of the most beautiful dive sites in the country.”

2. Budapest, Hungary

“Admiring the city’s many art nouveau buildings as the streets go by, such as Keleti station (which is still the best place to get to or from Budapest), costs nothing and lets you stock up on Instagram well before the end of your trip.”

3. Madhya Pradesh, India

“In the nature reserves of this Indian state, notably the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and the Pench National Park, there is much more to see than tigers: you may see boars, chitals and langurs. The experience is not quite like an African safari: tigers like to cultivate mystery.”

4. Buffalo, New York

“The Children’s Museum, an interactive museum which will open in 2020, and the houses of the Graycliff Estate Martin House Complex, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and recently restored, are some of the city’s must-see activities. Visitors can experience Buffalo gastronomy at the EXPO Market, a modern dining space, or sample craft beers at the Resurgence Brewing Company, a brewery located in a former engine factory.”

5. Azerbaijan

“Azerbaijan is an near unique destination, offering quality accommodation, food and experiences far above their cost. Baku, at the edge of the Caspian Sea, presents an ambitious architecture, recent museums and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, revitalized by its increasingly international profile.”

6. Serbia

“Serbia has never hidden, however: its capital, Belgrade, has for centuries been one of the continent’s major crossroads. Today, the city offers casual cafes during the day, and party places along the Danube at night, suitable for budget travellers.”

7. Tunisia

“The medina of Tunis, the remains of ancient Carthage and the seaside district of Sidi Bou Said offer a cultural counterpoint to the almost infinite diversity of the country’s beaches. We also find in Tunisia things that do not exist elsewhere: the dunes of the Sahara, easily accessible, where Luke Skywalker has contemplated its two suns for the first time, or the Dar, traditional colorful houses full of character, which offer guest rooms.”

8. Cape Winelands District, South Africa

“Located not far from the city of Cape Town known for its gastronomy, the wine region of the country extends around the historic cities of Franschhoek and Stellenbosch. The main attractions in the region are the wine estates and the excellent restaurants that dot the beautiful mountain landscape.”

9. Athens, Greece

“You will come across Byzantine churches and neoclassical buildings, such as the National Library or the University of Athens. Pedestrianized, the center of town offers a more peaceful atmosphere than you might think, and the restaurants are inexpensive.”

10. Zanzibar, Tanzania

“In Stone Town, stroll through the ancient alleys and admire the magical sunsets before eating for a small fee at the night market or in multicultural cafes. On the north and west coasts of the island, you will find at the water’s edge all kinds of varied accommodation, at hardly believable prices in comparison with the rates of the Caribbean or the Pacific islands.”

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