Why You Need to Create Your Blog Quickly

Why You Need to Create Your Blog Quickly

September 27, 2019 Off By iCorridor Moments

Blogging is a daunting activity. I do not know why. But the different exchanges that I could have, in person, by mail or social networks interposed, confirm this. Every apprentice blogger has a good reason not to start. While creating your blog quickly is the best way to launch, obviously, to learn, certainly, and especially to promote the referencing of his blog.

The reasons for not creating his blog are legion. But it’s always the same people coming back …

I do not know anything about skill. Blogging has a highly technical image. So, yes, there is skill. But it is not so advanced or complicated. Especially sources and resources of help are not lacking. Finally, the most technical step is the creation of the blog. But this is a unique step. By the way …

I do not know how to create a blog. And then? … It’s like everything: it can be learned.

Blogging is complicated. Blogging is essentially about writing and reading. That’s all. And WordPress is the ideal tool for your blog, at once simple, effective, free.

I do not know writing well enough. Do you really believe that every blogger knows well enough to write in their early days? And do you think that now they can write well enough? I am proof that no… Writing well is a skill that can be learned and worked on, and there is nothing like practice.

As you can see, none of these reasons holds because they all have a simple and affordable solution. When they are not just wrong…

In fact, the only real obstacle is your motivation to invest in blogging. Because blogging is not limited to creating a blog and writing an article. Your blog will only be successful if you invest in it over time.

But I do not doubt that you have this motivation. Because if not, why would you read articles like this?

The operations are simple:

  • create your blog quickly;
  • feed it regularly
  • learn and correct as you go.

Why this advice?

Acting promotes action and learning

Regardless of the blog itself, getting into action quickly is the best way to get the most out of your motivation and your urge for the moment. Then, the first results maintain in return this motivation and this desire. A virtuous circle sets in … Finally, the best learning is always done through action and experience.

So, rather than imagining possible problems and their possible solutions, get started and discover on the job.

Acting promotes the SEO of your blog

To return to the blog that you will create after reading this article, you must understand that your blog will only enjoy a quick creation.

While it’s important to not only have Google as a source of traffic, this search engine is so important that you can not neglect it. In this case, for referencing web pages, Google takes into account, among other things, two elements:

  • the age of a blog;
  • the frequency of updates.

These are of course not the only elements. There is also the quantity and quantity of links to your blog and articles. But the creation of these links, as well as that of the content, is one of the recurring tasks of your blogger activity. And it is over time that all this will be built, content and links.

On the other hand, the seniority of your blog … If you wait another six months, the time to better understand, well it is six months permanently lost for your blog.

These are not only six months permanently lost for the creation of links and contents. But Google appreciates blogs with abundant content and many links. At three articles per week, you could have created 75 articles. At 10 links per week, you could have created 250 links. Not to mention those others could have created…

These are also six months of seniority permanently lost. But Google appreciates old sites.

In addition, it must also remember that, at startup, your content will be little visible and visited. You can therefore, during the initial creation of your content, not to refine or expand as much as you want. Of course, this content remains relevant and useful for the reader. But perfection can wait…And these first articles can be reworked, without being turned upside down, later. To deliver even better content to your readers and show Google the dynamism of your blog.


As you can see, these elements encourage you to quickly create your blog, to regularly create your articles, then to update them punctually.

The sooner you create your blog, the faster its seniority will increase. And faster your blog will be seen and privileged by Google.

The sooner you create pages on your blog, even succinct, the faster they will be indexed by Google.

The more regularly you update them, the better they will be considered by Google, the better your blog will be considered by Google.

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