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Visit Lions Lookout on Your Trip to Huntsville, Muskoka

The Lions Lookout is in the midst of Town of Huntsville. It is a perfect place to enjoy the lookout of the lake and the town. It is easy to reach by car. Visitors can drive up to the hill top with surrounding tall trees. If you are lucky, you can also bump into nice wild small animals.

Location of the Lions Lookout (Click the image to see it in Google Maps)

The north side of the Lions Lookout is the Huntsville valley whereas the east side can view the Fairy Lake with a few small islands.

The Lions Lookout is one of the best places in the area to see fall colours in the Huntsville area, where you can see 360 degrees around town and the surrounding lakes and river. There are lots of photography opportunities. Really nice spot for quick stop and enjoyment fantastic overview on town and lake accessible by car or steep walk in nice sunny day view is unbelievable.

The view of Huntsville from the Lions Lookout (Photo Contributor: Jason Li)

Fairy Lake from Lions Lookout (Photo Contributor: Jason Li)

Fairy Lake from Lions Lookout (Photo Contributor: Jason Li)

The Lions Lookout Trail can be accessed at the Forbes Hill Dr and Camp Kitchen Road intersection behind the Active Living Centre at the Canada Summit Centre. The trail follows Camp Kitchen Road along the Muskoka River to the Fairy Lake. It then crosses the Portage Flyer railway tracks and heads up a steep slope to the top of the sports track. The trail continues around the track and along the roadway to Forbes Hill Dr. The view from the top of the track across Fairy Lake is magnificent.

The Lions Lookout Trail Map (Click the image to download the trail map from Town of Huntsville)

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