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4 Smartphone Photos Showing the Power of Fog in Photography

Heavy fog hovered our city today and caused near-zero visibility in the morning. Although this misty weather is really bad for commuters since it may cause delay or accidents, photographers may have different opinion on this unique shooting environment.

Photographing in the fog can give a wonderful moody and atmosphere to the subjects, and the fog will scatter light sources and make your scenes softer. Additionally, fog is very powerful for emphasizing the depth. As you may see in the example photos below, these traits make scenes mysterious, moody and exclusive.

The following photos were taken today by a Canadian photographer. He did not have his DSLR with him when passing the forest, so he had to use his smartphone to take these photos. Although no professional photography equipment was used, the photos are still very beautiful and impressive with artistic insight, high photographic quality, excellent composition and great perspective.

Photographer: Bolin Li

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