How to Adopt Positive Attitude and Keep It

How to Adopt Positive Attitude and Keep It

September 15, 2017 0 By iCorridor Moments

It is often said to be positive…it allows to live a fulfilling life, to succeed, to have access to happiness, to find love…etc…and all this is true! Many celebrities say they have succeeded in part by applying this principle in their lives: Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Bill Gates…But few people want to know how it really works.

It is rather easy to decide to become a positive person, and to say that we will change our lives, driven by motivation! But you have to be able to stick to it over the long term. When you do not know the tricks, it is sometimes difficult to stay on course and not to be influenced by negative behaviours.

Positive attitude is a motor, which also helps to keep the head full of hope, courage and helps to face the small doubts of everyday life, minimal though they are. You know these doubts which hold us back when we want to undertake something.

Today I want to share with you my tricks, my discoveries on this subject! To help those who need it, to support those who have started in this positive way and to make them understand not to let go and to assure them that they can really create their reality, because it is a question of will.

Positivity helps me to live my dreams, pushes me to want to develop more skills, to push my limits, to live a life that makes me more and more vibrate in my daily life, in my work, with my friends, my family , my couple, my various activities.

All I can tell you is that being positive is an apprenticeship and you do not become one overnight. The more you think about being positive, the more you will be until you finally realize that it has become an automatic.

It’s a bit like learning driving, at first you do not know how to drive you know a little mechanics but you do not have the automatisms and the more you drive the more it becomes simple until the day you get his permitted and that a few me later are realized of the independence that it brings and that this thing that appeared to us so difficult is now automatic.

What are the advantages of being positive?

I sincerely believe that this is one of the bases of success. This is what allows us to achieve more serenely and more effectively our goals, to get a little closer to what makes our happiness and to find ourselves because thoughts have an influence on events, and we are what we think.

How to adopt a positive attitude?

What we need to know first of all is that positivity is a conditioning of oneself, one must want to become one, want to change and improve one’s life!

  • At first you will have to stop complaining because rasping is conveying negative energy.
  • Do not be too overwhelmed by current events.
  • Get closer to positive and optimistic people, because the negative is very contagious.
  • When you have negative thoughts, depressed feelings, decreased morale, because of something that has just happened or something else … try to find a solution, think about the positive or the learning you can withdraw from that information or situation.
  • Take a moment and think about all your successes (make a list if you need it) big and small, try to feel in you the feeling that it made you succeed this or that, the feeling of pride that it has reaped and stored it in a corner of your head, ready to be released as soon as you have a moment of doubt or lack of confidence.
  • Throughout the day, try to learn to see the positive things you see, even the small ones. Example you had a laugh with a friend, you received a nice message, you gave a sincere smile, you feasted preparing a good little dish … and as you practice this exercise you will see more and more positive things.

The more positive you think, the more positive things happen … As they say it is a virtuous circle. For me it is simply the search for happiness.

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