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Coffee Break Wisdom: The Bathtub Test and Almost 100 Years with No Enemy

The Bathtub Test

During my medical visit, I asked my doctor,

How do you determine if you should place a patient in a retirement home for the elderly?

Well, he says, we fill a bathtub, then you have a choice of a spoon, a tea cup, and a bucket and I ask them to empty the bathtub.

Oh, I understand, a normal person will take the bucket because it is larger than a teaspoon or a cup.

No, he replied, a normal person would remove the cap from the bathtub. Do you want a bed near the window?


Almost 100 Years with No Enemy

Towards the end of Sunday mass, the priest asks:

“How many of you have forgiven their enemies?” 80% of people raise their hands.

The priest repeats his question. All of them raise their hands this time, except a senior person called John.

He attends mass only when the weather is bad.

“John, you cannot forgive your enemies?”

“I have no enemy,” he replied quietly.

“John, this is very unusual. – How old are you?”

“99 years and 11 months.”

The whole crowd rises and applauds him.

“It is wonderful, could you please tell us how a person can live 99 years and 11 months and have no enemy?”

The Old John walks down the aisle and comes to the microphone with a small smile on his lips.

“They’re all dead!”

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