Bleeding Heart – A Pretty Flower in the Heart

Bleeding Heart – A Pretty Flower in the Heart

May 30, 2017 0 By iCorridor Moments

The Bleeding Heart is a perennial plant with luxuriant foliage finely cut out tender green or gray-bluish, remarkable for its heart shape. Its flowers, hanging from the very original shape of little hearts white, pink or red, are among the most graceful of spring flowers, and they illuminate the shady gardens, lightness, from April to June.

The Bleeding Heart flower in a few words:

  • The Bleeding Heart is one of the centerpieces of cool shade gardens
  • Its pretty flowers in the form of hearts white, pink or red, delicately hanging on their arched stems, appear generously from April to June.
  • It has magnificent opulent foliage cut out soft green or glaucous close to that of the fern
  • Easy to grow, very resistant to cold, it fears only two things: dryness in summer, excess water in winter.
  • Once rooted in fresh soil, it requires very little care

This very decorative ornamental plant is native of Siberia, North China and Korea. It flowers in April and May and does not exceed 70 centimeters in height. Be careful though, The Bleeding Heart is a toxic flower, so you must handle it with gloves and do not let the children approach it.

The following pictures were photographed in Southern Ontario (Toronto) in the spring of 2017.

Photographer: Jason Li

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