Why You Should Drop Everything and Travel, and How?

Why You Should Drop Everything and Travel, and How?

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Too many people believe that work is the school of life. Yet, travelling is much more than a flight towards some destination, far more than just leisure that some have the luxury of agreeing for a few months. In reality, travel is a constant learning, whether on oneself or on others.

Giving you the chances to leave is a unique opportunity to become the best version of yourself.

Travelling is also beneficial for personal development as it is to define a career plan or to realize any other dream. What is important in a life is just as much in a professional curriculum: experience.

But then, where to begin? How to make a total break in what is all your life to give yourself the means to travel? Here’s how and why to leave everything to travel:

Forget his fear of the unknown

The unknown is frightening. We know it. But is it does not present in all aspects of our lives. The question of the unknown must not be a brake on your travel dream. To face the unknown is to anticipate. The better you prepare your project, the more you allow yourself to be able to cope in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Confronting a total loss of benchmarks, in a situation where you can only rely on yourself, will allow you in the future to better react if your plans do not proceed as you hoped. Travelling will naturally teach you to adapt in case of unforeseen, a quality that all leaders possess.

Daring to get out of his comfort zone

Opening up to new challenges, still inexperienced things, broadening your horizon and getting out of your comfort zone will make you proud of yourself and feeling alive. It is by doing so that one realizes how life is not made to be suffered.

What we must realize is that the purpose of a great journey is not to know who we are trying to find ourselves, but rather to know what we want to create – what experiences I choose to live in this life, why and how I will concretely realize what I desire deep within myself. It is by asking ourselves the right questions that we get the right answers.

Finding a goal

Each trip is an additional opportunity to accumulate skills. Beyond knowing where our limits are, achieving the goal we set for ourselves is certainly one of the most beautiful sensations we can feel. Aim high, but not too much. You will not become a great mountaineer without training. Nothing is impossible but one thing to remember is that you succeed everywhere if you are a specialist in something.

Choose a destination

Do you feel closer to one culture than to another, of a country, or even more simply, a climate? Before thinking about the budget, indulge yourself in your head and visualize the ideal destination … Do you have it? Keep this in mind and do not talk about it. No, keep this precious dream for you as long as you have not seriously established your project. If you discuss too much of your goal, you might have the strange feeling of having already realized it.

Accept to get lost

Ok, you understand, travelling brings a lot of benefits, your life will be totally transformed, etc … but letting go is not easy. When it has taken years to build a life, it can be difficult to put an end to it. Yet I’m sorry but I have to tell you – we have only one life and nobody will move for you. These are your travel wishes, your dreams, your life, and your choices.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

It’s time to plunge your head into your accounts and be realistic. If you cannot make ends meet, take time to thoroughly analyze your main expenses and those less essential. People who have managed to finance a round the world trip or a long stay have one thing in common – perseverance.

Few of them get a dinner at the restaurant regularly but tighten their belts wherever possible. They know that these efforts will be rewarded. And then, having money is not essential to travelling long, but you have to be ready to live intuitively and have total confidence. Quality you will undoubtedly possess if you reach your goal. All this depends entirely on your vision of the journey.

Give yourself time to prepare

Today people are too hurried and suddenly give up when they do not see their wishes come true soon enough. Yet, patience is a great virtue and even an ally when one caresses a wish. If you really want to leave then you will leave, you must simply establish the plan that will allow you to do so.

Summary to help you get started:

Take a notebook and a pen, and forward to set up your action plan:

  • What are my motivations? Even if it’s clear in your mind, putting words on it will help you put everything into action to take action.
  • What is stopping me? Find what stops you from getting started – the entourage, the career, the lack of means … There are hundreds of excuses that one finds but which one calls “reasons” not to leave. I do not want to encourage you to leave everything overnight without assuming your responsibilities. You just need to define blockages to find out how to get rid of them.
  • What is my goal? Make sense of your trip.
  • Who do I admire? Look for someone who has already achieved your goal, or whose goal is closer to what you want to accomplish. This can be someone from your entourage who is used to travelling, or a great explorer you admire, no matter how long you realize you are not alone with your dream.
  • What type of traveller are you? Test it here; it is fun and it will tell you where you should go.
  • Travelling yes, but where? Check out some travel blogs with tips to help you define your destination and itinerary. Once you have chosen your destination, please ask the travel forum and you will find a lot of people who will be pleased to answer all your questions.
  • With whom? Alone or several, the journey will not be the same. With two or more, this will undeniably unite you and allow you to better manage your budget. However, if you choose to leave alone, you will be more invested in your experience. If you prefer to be accompanied but no one in your entourage is willing to follow you, then you can find a travel companion on the travel forum.
  • How long? Evaluate how much time you can be away from, or better yet, do not plan a return date with a ticket that you can change at no cost. If you cannot leave for more than six months, concentrate on one continent and not on a world tour that would be too fast and frustrating.
  • What budget? Estimate your budget when planning your leave. It really depends on whether you go to a country where you have the possibility to work or not. If work is out of the question on your journey, focus on low budget destinations like Southeast Asia for example.

Once this information is clear in your mind, you will be able to attack the most complicated but also the most satisfying phase – changing your life.

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