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Healthy Food – Ginger and Its 11 Amazing Benefits

Grown as root, ginger is a very versatile food. You can use it as a spice in tea, cooking or even beer! Its healing properties have been proven; there are more than 2,000 years that ginger is used as the traditional Chinese medicine. Here are the 11 main reasons why you should eat more ginger:

  1. If you tend to get sick every season, you should incorporate ginger into your diet! Ginger is used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years because it gets rid of germs, stimulates the immune system and removes mucus.
  2. Ginger is rich in chromium, magnesium and zinc, which improve blood circulation while keeping under control the chills, fever and excessive sweating.
  3. Ginger is one of the most anti-inflammatory foods that may be, it soothes the joints and addresses the pain. Consume it in your dishes or use essential oils of ginger base in your bath.
  4. Whether you have a stomach ache, cramping or morning sickness, ginger can relieve you! One of the most rapid and effective means and drinking ginger tea.
  5. In addition to having its own healing properties, ginger also acts as a catalyst and helps your body absorb other essential nutrients that you consume by stimulating the secretion of pancreatic and gastric enzymes … In other words, ginger helps your body break down food to remove the essential nutrients.
  6. Similar to its healing powers against colds and flu, ginger is also responsible for nasal congestion; which is good to know, especially for all those who are tired of having a stuffy nose! A few pieces of ginger sufficient to unlock micro circular channels of your nose.
  7. A study by the University of Minnesota, ginger slows the development of cancer cells in the colon. To enjoy all its benefits, consume ginger vinaigrette or spice in your food.
  8. Not only ginger fighting colon cancer, but also ovarian! The magical properties of this ingredient tend to kill cancer cells in that area of the body. Bow before this miracle plant!
  9. If you consume ginger daily will help your body to prevent stroke, reduces the risk of bacterial infections of the stomach and helps prevent irritation of the throat and cough. Generally, ginger makes you stronger!
  10. Natural expectorant, ginger expands the lungs and releases the most stubborn respiratory problems. The mucus will be broken down and ejected from your system!
  11. Before each meal, eat a little ginger, whether drink or input (in a salad dressing or as a garnish). In addition, your metabolic rate will be increased and it will be easier to keep an eye on your weight.

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