Coffee Break Wisdom: the Monk and the Butcher

Coffee Break Wisdom: the Monk and the Butcher

February 21, 2017 0 By iCorridor Moments

Once upon a time, A monk and a butcher were good friends and they lived next to each other.

After they woke up every morning, the monk prayed and the butcher slaughtered pigs and sold the pork in the marketplace.To ensure they can start their jobs on time, they agreed to call and wake each other up every morning.

After a number of years, they both passed away.The butcher went to the heaven but the monk went to the hell. Why? As the butcher woke up the monk everyday to pray, but the monk woke up the butcher to kill.

Little philosophy: Sometimes you think you are doing the right things but they are not necessarily right.

Coffee Break Wisdom is short stories of wisdom and humor that make you think and smile.

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